#1 slow : at work

Can we slow down and still keep up?

talk + workshop + light lunch

Saturday 20th February 12pm – 3pm
@ The Stables, The Fumbally, Dublin 8.

Bringing together speakers from diverse backgrounds to talk about their experience with slowness in the workplace, giving us an opportunity to talk and learn about how we might adopt a slower approach to work.

Anne-Marie Downey

Anne-Marie Downey is a creative, a DJ, a pharmacist & an addiction counsellor. She will challenge you to contemplate busyness as an addiction, to look at the interplay between overwhelm and procrastination, and whether a more compassionate approach to work might result in you doing more of what you want.

Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler is a global Learning & Development Partner for Sales teams in Google, based in Dublin’s Barrow Street. She designs and implements development programmes, in partnership with content experts, to ensure the Sales teams at Google Dublin are supported in their work : life balance and overall growth.

 Emily Robyn Archer

Emily Robyn Archer is an artist who creates large scale interactive projects and installations with an environmental theme, and facilitates workshops with young people through her creative agency for environmental education, Cre8 Sustainability. Her latest project is a series of simple life wheels mapping key life cycles.

John Graham

Transformational Coach John Graham will guide us through a session of Mind Calm, introducing us to a simple and practical approach to being, that you can take back to work. John’s aim is to help others realign their focus when it comes to vision, identity, beliefs, skills, behaviours and the environment they work in.