#4 slow : with value

1.30pm : sunday 21st august 2016

the library : another love story, killoyn manor, co meath

Learning to value yourself and your work is a slow game. How does a creative freelancer put a monetary value on their art? How can a project manager put value on their freetime when they’re used to putting the project first? How can we learn to value ourselves and support ourselves at work and at life? As part of Another Love Story in Killoyn Manor in Co Meath, Aoife spoke to Clare Mulvany of The Thrive School, graphic designer and DJ Simon Roche and creative entrepreneur Sharon Greene of Queens of Neon about how they have learned to quantify their own value. Listen to the talk in full here.


Clare Mulvany

Clare is a creative coach and founder of Thrive School, a five month learning programme for creative entrepreneurs. She is also an artist, a photographer, a writer and a yoga teacher, and currently lives in West Cork.

Simon Roche

Simon is a graphic designer and one third of Dublin club night Lumo. He has worked freelance for nearly twenty years and in that time he has learned to value his work and his time.

Sharon Greene

Sharon is an artist, designer and creative consultant. Her company, Queens of Neon, is a multi-dimensional, Dublin-based creative collective, specialising in creative concept design and site-specific art installations.

Aoife McElwain

Aoife McElwain is a food writer and creative events planner. She made a deal with herself that 2016 would be her year of slowing down. Currently, she’s trying to take back control of her downtime and approach rest as an essential priority.